Things For Sale

I often get carried away when ordering things, thinking that something is so awesome that I need 20 of them….until I move onto something else.

We ll know that things can be sourced cheaply in China if you are prepared to wait a month for delivery (and I rarely am prepared to wait which is why Im an Amazon prime member for one thing).

Anyway, I have some “spares” for those that cant or wont wait.

XBOX USB Cables – Β£9 delivered


These are great for using the original XBOX DVD remote with Kodi boxes. Please note you still need to buy the actual XBOX DVD remote and USB receiver (see my blog on the best remotes for Kodi boxes).

Kodi Media Remotes – Β£10 delivered

toshiba mce remote

These dont take up a USB port on the raspberry PI and the little IR receiver sits on the GPIO pins of the raspberry PI. I drill a small hole in the PI case to make the IR receiver visible.

Raspberry PI B+/2/3 Cases – Β£3 delivered

raspberrypi case

These are pretty sleek. Please note that they are for raspberry PI’s with 4 USB ports. They are similar price on ebay or you can show me some love πŸ™‚

Cat 5 connectors- 99p Delivered

See my blog on how to get broadband to the office/garden shed. 99p and sent with love πŸ™‚

cat5 coupler_


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