When 1 Monitor Is Not Enough (FSX)

So diving in before I can swim (is there any better way), I grabbed a triple monitor stand and 3 Dell P2414H monitors (they were cheap at the time but have gone up by 50% now so cant recommend the supplier).

Originally I connected them to 3 ports of my graphics card but now am using a matrix triplehead2o which allows me to free up 2 ports on the graphics card for other uses (more later).

The picture is for illustration only. I did not purchase a 3 monitor stand from alsortsoutlet  and I wish I did as the one I did purchase, I would not purchase again as it was tough to align the monitors at equal height.

My screen resolution is now 5760 by 1080 whiich is great for FSX


WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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