Let There Be Light !

So, I received my Smartthings hub and Zwave sockets. There was not much to do except follow the Smartthings app instructions to add each socket (which I called lamp one to lamp 4). I then created a group called livingroom lamps.

I then plugged in the lamps, tested from the smartthings app and it all worked – now for the Amazon Echo integration.

I then used the Alexa app to rescan for devices and it found the new devices (lamp one to lamp for immediately).

Now I say:

“Alexa, turn on lamp one”

“ALexa turn on lamp two”

“Alexa turn on lamp three”

“Alexa turn on lamp four”

“Alexa turn on living room lamps”

“Alexa turn off living room lamps”

I also setup two lamps in my bedroom (out of earshot of Alexa). I used the optional microphone to say “Alexa turn on lamp five” etc and it all works great.

WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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