Alexa Make My Breakfast – And Where’s The Bloody Toast ?

Food is never far from my mind and in my previous blog, I mentioned how I found an egg cooker to make my morning eggs. I also have kettle for my tea and a toaster for my toast – So how do I get Alexa do make my breakfast šŸ™‚

Firstly, see if you can see whats wrong with the following picture. You have 10 seconds so no cheating šŸ™‚



Well did you guess. The answer is:

(a) Each wall socket has a zwave smart outlet connected.

(b) The egg cooker has a 2 pin power connecttor so I had to use an adapter

(c) There are 2 cat5 outlets on the wall – what was I thinking !

(d) There is no coffee in the coffee canister šŸ™‚

So, for Alexa to make my breakfast, I used the smarthings app to add 3 more smart outlets called Kettle, Toaster and egg cooker respectively. I then used the Alexa app to scan for new devices and add a group called breakfast – brilliant thinking eh šŸ™‚

So, now I load up the egg cooker with water, add water to the kettle and leave the switch on, the night before and then the next morning while Im getting dressed I can say:

“Alexa turn on the kettle”

“Alexa turn on the toaster”

“Alexa turn on the egg cooker”

“Alexa turn on breakfast”

BUT there is a problem with the Toaster. The toaster leaver will not stay down until power is applied so I cant do it the night before. Toast will have to be manually made for now but Toaster – you are on my hotlist !

WhereThingsAreBorn šŸ™‚






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