Voice Control Of My Home Cinema

Xmas has come early here and now now my Amazon echo can control my home cinema. Since my projector screen only had an RF remote (no IR) the last piece of the puzzle for me what to replace the RF remote control on my projector screen with an IR remote unit (which I got off ebay) which meant I could then control it with my Logitech remote


This only involved snipping the cable from the existing unit to the projector screen (but I still got my electrician to do it).

Then it was just a matter of:

(a) Creating a new device call projector screen im the logitech hub/remote software and getting it to learn the new 3 IR codes (up.down and stop).

(b) Creating a new activity in the logitech hub/remote called “cinema” that does the following:

(a) Turns on my amp

(b) Turns the amp input to TV

(c)Turns on the projector

(d) Sets the projector input to Input A

(e) Changes the HDMI switch to input 3

(f) Tells the projector screen to go down

(g) Create 2 new Yonomi activities (see my earlier posts) for “Cinema” and “Cinema Off”

(h) Use the Alexa app to scan for new smart home devices (and it find “Cinema” and “Cinema Off”

It may sound complex but it took about 1 hour from start to finish

Dont believe it. Checkout this youtube video πŸ™‚

Happy Xmas from wherethingsareborn πŸ™‚


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