Logitech Media Server And piCoreplayer

So, just in time for xmas, I was reading  about the great work done by gerrelt in highlighting how to get  squeezelite running on a tinycore OS.

For me the advantages of this solution over standard wheezy or squeezeplug are

(a) Squeeezeplug has now gone commercial (and good luck to them) but Im looking for a nocost solution.

(b) I would love to not have to worry about hitting the power switch on the raspberry and wondering if the card will corrupt next time I turn it on

(c) I have had a number of buffering/sync problems which simply should not be there as all my pi’s are connected via wired connections and was wondering how I might fix this.

Well Im pleased so say that thew solution below is fantastic in that

(i) piCoreplayer has web based management and supports my trusty Soundscience QSB speakers.

(ii) Once it boots, its a readonly system meaning there is littlew chance of write cirruption even when I flip the power switch

(iii) Np buffering/sync issues (as yet)

(iv) It supports Jivelite (which is a must for me) allowing album art to be shown on any connected display.

Now only my LSM server is running on wheezy (because Im also running openhab on there) but I may convert that as well at a later stage. All  squeezelite clients are now running piCoreplayer.

Do you want to know more 🙂

Then go to


Late Update 03/01/2017: I updated the server to use piCoreplayer as well and it supports installing LMS server through the menus. I now have 7 rooms covered using piCoreplayer. I sill get some room dropouts but I not restart the clients every day via a cron job (also controlled from the web interface). These guys really have though of everything 🙂

WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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