Amazon Echo Controlling Media Devices

This blog explains how to get your UK Amazon echo to control your TV and other media devices.

It assumes that

(a) You have a Logitech Media Hub with your activities predefined.

(b) You have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your Ipad or phone.

(c) You have the details for your MyHarmony Account

There are multipled ways that this can be done including

(i) Using a samsung smartthings hub

(ii) Using IFTT (when it works for UK Amazon Echo’s)

(iii) Using the Yonomi app on my phone (this is the method I will describe here)

Before we start, you may have read that by using the Yonomi app, you have yo keep your phone on or be in the house but its not true. I turned off my phone and everythings works fine as yonomi is a cloud based app.

The steps to get it working are:

(a) Open your alaxa app on your phone or Ipad.

(b) Goto Smart Home

(c) Select Get More Smart Home Skills

(d) Select Yonomi

Setup yonomi from within the Amazon Alexa App. This is crucial to getting it to work.

Once it setup from within the Amazon Alex app, you can add routines such as “Watch TV” that map to an activity on your Logietch Hub such as “Watch TV”

Once you have setup the routines, you can select discover devices within the Alexa app under smarthome and it will discover the new routines you have setup.

Then you can simply say the name of the routine such as “Alexa turn on Watch TV” and thats is it. You now have a voice controlled TV.


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