The Day I Threw Out My Remotes (almost)

Some people can turn on the TV and that’s all they have to do 🙂

My setup is more complicated. To watch “TV” I have to

(a) Turn on my amp (because all devices are routed through my HDMI switcher and amp).

(b) Change the amp to the correct input.

(c) Turn on the TV

(d) Turn the TV to HDMI 1 to get the signal from the HDMI audio switcher

(e) Change the input on the HDMI switcher to the Virgin cable box.

(f) Turn on the cable box.

That sequence uses 4 separate remote controls 😦

Well not any more 🙂

Tonight I dont have to use any 🙂

Why – Because I have purchased a Logitech Harmony Hub.


This simple device works with an app on your smartphone and works on the simple concept of Activities and Devices.

You define 1 or more devices (and the software has support for 225,000 different IR remotes) upto a maximum of 8 devices.

Then you define activities such as Watch TV and what devices and keypresses you need to define that define. I had my first activity defined on about 10 minutes.

I now have 4 activities:

“Watch Virgin”

“Watch Kodi”

“Watch Bigscreen” (for the projector)

“Watch Music” (I have squeezebox running on one HDMI input with jivelite)

“Watch Laserdisc” (that’s got to be a separate blog by itself)

The only catch is that this version supports upto 8 devices and they add up quickly.

In my case, they are

(1) TV

(2) Virgin Box

(3) HDMI Switcher

(4) Xbox DVD remote (for the Kodi box)

(5) Sony Projector

(6) Denon Amp

(7) Pioneer Laserdisc player.

(and if you have any more than that, then you need this device or the costlier version that supports upto 16 devices).

So far, Im very impressed and it passes “the wife test” with flying colours.

Now I dont own the remotes any longer 🙂

I still find myself reaching for the remotes out of habit, but maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks 🙂

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub Wi-Fi to IR Remote Control Adapter

PS:The Logitech Harmony Hub is compatible with Openhab Home Automation Software will will feature in an upcoming blog.


WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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