The Boss Is Back In Dublin

Tonight, Im looking out at the Sun setting on the Atlantic and I could not ask for anything else.



The Boss is playing in Dublin tonight, his second gig in 48 hours and people have travelled from all parts of this country and tonight, 80,000 people will help Bruce spring sing “The Rising” will all the power of their voices.

Its his 28th visit to Ireland and this man plays for 3.5 to 4 hours at a time.

When I look at his tour schedule, words fail me

I first saw him on the Born In the USA tour in 85 at Wenbley Stadium but I know Im just a tourist compared to those that follow him around the globe.

but tonight, I think Id chance everything to hear that 80,000 voice chorus

The Essential Bruce Springsteen

WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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