I went to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert last night at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

I had no frame of reference to judge the concert because I have never seen him before live. I did hear others comment that the vocals were clipped and strained and I agree.

And then hit me.

The man is 77 years of age and has survived a stroke and an aortic aneuryism and has a music career spanning 54 years. Meanwhile Im comparing this to my only frame of reference – a recording made in the 1970s and probably remastered onto CD is a studio where everything is made to sound better.

The truth is my expectation is unrealistic and we try to capture idols and imprison them in a bubble of perfection that can never be matched when we meet them in the flesh.

So Mr Lightfoot, Id like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to understand why after not appearing live in the UK for over 35 years, you can still manage to drag 5000 people out on a Tuesday night.

oh, and for the 30 years of listening to your music 🙂

and if you could read my mind you would know that seeing you was Beautiful.

Stay Loose, you Restless soul.

and if you would like to know what Im talking about then buy this here.

Gordon Lightfoot Complete Greatest Hits

WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂


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