The Day Microsoft Broke Into My Home And Stole My Operating System.

So I came home tonight to my trust Dell XPS 1530 laptop that I have been running since 2008 with a Samsung 850 SSD and Windows 7.

Unfortunately tonight it wasn’t running Windows 7. It informed me that overnight it had upgraded itself to Windows 10 !

Now many of you may have seen these notices on your screens in recent months


You might note a couple of things from this screen

(a) Microsoft recommends (but is not saying you have to)

(b) There is no opt out button (so much for the recommend).

Anyway I have been closing down these screens when I see them and reminding myself that I should really look into disabling this nag screen.

Well – Too late.

Today my laptop is showing the Windows 10 log and asking me to accept Microsoft’s terms and conditions to continue.

Hmmm- not even Apple seem to have this breathtaking level of arrogance that they will force a full OS upgrade on a user without their explicit or even implicit consent.

So to be clear, Microsoft has tried to remove my Windows 7 OS without my consent (and replace it With something else).

In some countries this would be considered grounds for Burglary or at the very least Virus like behaviour.

Microsoft – really, you should hang your head in shame. As someone you loved you from your DOS days and didnt stray to DRDOS, right through the growing pains of Windows 2000 (ignoring the Windows ME turkey), and this is how you treat me.

As you can imagine, I declined the terms and conditions and Microsoft/Windows 10  grudgingly informed me that they would restore my OS (but it would take some time).

Within 2 minutes my faithful Win 7 OS was back.

Now the cynics among you may think that the screen I saw was just Win10 having a premptive strike and when I accepted the terms and conditions, the actual upgrade would take place, and maybe thats true but if it is, its still a deceitful business practice.

So dear readers, I ask you to rise up and……….disable your automatic upgrade to Windows 10 (if you dont want it) 🙂 and here is how you do it courtesy of Techjourney

Disable & Remove Get Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation Notification & System Tray Icon

WhereThingsAreBorn 🙂






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