My first Confession

Even though I like blogging about the stuff I have done with Raspberry Pi’s and I although I can build a desktop computer with my eyes shut, I have a confession to make……

I dont like working with physical computing šŸ™‚

What I mean is, if a wire can be plugged in the wrong way, then Im the guy that can do it.

Just today, I was plugging in a USB cable into a laptop and managed to plug the cable in the wrong way (if you think this is impossible then I can tell you the more you acccidentally do it, the easier it becomes to do it, because the solid connector in the USB socket moves).

I once shutdown a tower computer (remember them) moved it 6 feet to the other side of my desk, turned it on and it blew up !


Because as I picked up the tower, my fingernail accidentally touch the 120/240V switch that you get on power supplies and I inadvertently switched it 120 volts.

Im happy to whip the cover off a laptop, add some RAM, replace the hard drive etc and occasionally, replace a laptop keyboard if Im feeling a bit daring but stripping the laptop apart completely, thats something I leave to those with much more patience than myself.

Damn it feels good to unburden myself šŸ™‚

So why am I telling you all this…….

Because I have purchased a shiny red led button šŸ™‚


and the button needs to be connected to the raspberry PI

For me this is not an insubstantial task šŸ™‚

So here is what I have immediately learned.

I cannot find any source for pre crimped wires that will connect to the button on one end and the raspberry Pi pins on the other. Some may consider this lazy but if, I could find them, this would reduce my reluctance around this task.

But since they dont exist, I have to take the long way home šŸ™‚

So I need to by a ratchet based crimping tool and this one got the best reviews on Amazon.

Draper Expert 35574 Ratchet-Action Terminal Crimping Tool


I aslo needed some spade connectors:

SOLOOP 360Pcs Assorted Insulated Electrical Wiring Wire Terminal Crimp Connector Kit Butt Spade Ring Fork


and some finally some heat sleeves and jumper wires.

Am-Tech Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment (127 Pieces )

SODIAL(R) Female to Female Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable Wire 40 Pcs

I had a heat gun already but a hair dryer will also work on high heat setting.

I read this article on how to crimp:

and although I had a few “practice attempts” the resuts were surprising sturdy. I simply cut about 25mm off the jumper wire, exposed about 7mm of wire, and placed the wire in the spade connector befor placing the spade connector/wire in the crimping tool and pressing down firmly.

The button required 4 crimp wires and I will explain how I connected the button to the raspberry PI a forthcoming called….”Connecting the big red button”. šŸ™‚










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