How To Install The OS On Raspberry PI


This blog will be the basis for many raspberry Pi projects so deserves its own blog.

So without further ado:

(1) Ensure you have a copy of win32diskimager installed on your PC. This will alloow you to create a bootable sd card image of raspbian.

(2) Ensure you have a copy of putty to ssh to the Pi over the network.
(3) Download the latest version of raspbian jessie (not jessie lite) which at time of writing is 2016-05-110
(4) Use Win32diskimager to copy the image to the SD card
(5) Place the SD card and boot the raspberry PI.

At this point, you will either have the Pi connected via network cable in which case you can use the putty software to connect to it. or you will have a keyboard and monitor connected directly to it/

(5) Login to the raspberry pi using the username pi and password raspberry and execute the following commands:

Run raspi-config and perform the usual actions (resize SD card partition, setup regional settings, enable SSH, set hostname etc).

sudo raspi-config

I recommend that you

(a) Resize the filesystem (this is now done automatically in  the 2016–5-10 build)

(b) Change the hostname

(c) Overclock to medium settings if using a raspberry pi A,B or B+


After you have set this up, do the following

sudo reboot

If you are using wifi, you need to set that up before you can go any further.

Use this post to setup yout wifi

If using a wired network or you have have the wifi working then proceed

Connect to the Pi again and do some updates:

sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade

finally type sudo rpi-update

and when this finishes

sudo reboot

Congratulations. You now have a working raspberry PI connected to your network.

WherethingsAreBorn 🙂


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